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    VU+Solo2 Clone Sunray Images OpenVix 3.2 037 Backup with Kodi 15.2 and Sky/Vermin looking skin

    OpenVix 3.2 037 with Kodi 15.2 (for Sunray Solo2 or Original VU+ Solo2) Source Date: 22/02/16 Kernel: 3.13.5 Drivers: 01/12/15 (patched) INSTALLED: Kodi 15.2 AutoBouquetMaker DW Panel with Rat's Bouquets (now with regional channel support) Blue-HD Skin (Sky looking skin) Red-HD Skin (Vermin...
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    VU+Solo2 Clone Sunray Images OpenSPA-5.0.005 2016.02.20 - Sunray Solo2

    OpenSPA 5.0.005 (for Sunray Solo2 and Original VU+ Solo2) Source Date: 20/02/2016 Kernel: 3.13.5 Drivers: 01/12/15 (patched) Online updating is possible. This image has the driver version patch and drivers write-protected. >> DOWNLOAD <<
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