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you can download the image online b884836d9928ffbfb98c42aac.jpg

You can use online flash for some boxes,
Please note 6.5 image is still ALPHA TEST !!!
See details:

We will inform you soon about the status of the openATV Image migration from Python2 to Python3.
Goal: Switch
from Python 2.7.x to Python 3.8.x.
The switchover should take place so that Python 2 and Python 3 can be used.
Plugin developers and skinner to help with the migration. Provide
all E2 teams with all information in the git (open source)


project start: May 30, 2020
Project team:

Task Phase 1:

Reconstruction Build Environment
Reconstruction oe-a Plugin git
Conversion enigma-plugin git
openATV E2 git
Metrix Skin openATV git
Branding git
openwebif git Umbau
Build Server on Ubunto 20_04
div Forks created by plugins where there are no Python 3 versions or updates are missing.
Creation of alpha images for the test for the beta team

Status of phase 1: 95% completed

Task Phase 2:
Announcement in the forum
Creation of alpha images for plugin and skinner developers
Provision of alpha feed

The following addons plugins / skins are deactivated for openATV 6.5 !!
these plugins / skins still need to be revised.
the plugins on the feed must all be checked and adjusted.
Here we are looking for developers or users who can help with testing and revising the plugins and skins
Python knowledge is required. You should also know how to install and use Python3 on your PC.

# packagegroup-openplugins ->

enigma2-plugin-extensions-addstreamurl \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-antilogo \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-bitrate \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-buienradar \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-foreca \
Enigma2-plugin-extensions-magentamusik360 \
Enigma2-plugin-extensions-meteoitalia2 \
Enigma2-plugin-extensions-multiquick button \
Enigma2-plugin-extensions-newsreader \
Enigma2-plugin-extensions-oggisport \
Enigma2-plugin-extensions-oroscopoitalia \
enigma2- plugin-extensions-permanentvfdclock \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-ppanel \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-shootyourscreen \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-simpleumount \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-streaminterface \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-telekomsport \
enigma2-plugin- extensions-wakeonlan \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-setpicon \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-xpower \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-meteoviewer \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-snmpagent \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-systemtools \
enigma2-plugin-extensions-cacheflush \

# enigma2-plugin-extensions-moviemanager
# enigma2 -plugin-extensions-e2iplayer
# enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2iplayer-deps
# enigma2-plugin-extensions-xmodem
# enigma2-plugin-extensions-xstreamity
# enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-hrtunerproxy
# enigma2-plugin-systemplugins en
radigma2 emulator -plugin-systemplugins-service-app

# oe-alliance-skins
# enigma2-display-skins
# openatv-picons-meta
# openatv-skinparts
# enigma2-skins
# enigma2-plugin-extensions-epgimport
# enigma2-plugin-extensions-sdgradio
# enigma2-plugin-skins-iflatfhd
# enigma2-plugin-skins-ax-blue-fhd -4atv
# enigma2-plugin-skins-blue-line-oe-4atv
# enigma2-plugin-skins-multibox-fhd-4atv
# enigma2-plugin-skins-ultimate-hd-4atv
# enigma2-plugin-skins-anadol
# enigma2 -plugin-skins-glamouraurafhd-atv
# enigma2-plugin-skincomponents-bmediacenter-ax-blue-skin
# enigma2-plugin-skincomponents-mediaportal-ax-blue-skin
# enigma2-plugin-skincomponents-mediaportal-blue-line-skin
# enigma2-plugin-skincomponents-mediaportal-atv-metrix-style
# enigma2-plugin-skincomponents-mediaportal-smoke-hd-skin
# enigma2-plugin-skincomponents-skyrecorder-fhd-skin
# enigma2-plugin-extensions-blurayplayer

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