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Satellite TV News BBC First launches on Telenet


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Oct 13, 2014
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BBC First launches on Telenet
BBC Worldwide has announced the launch of BBC First in Belgium on the Telenet cablenet on Thursday, June 4.

Following on from the launch of the channel in The Netherlands on May 16 on the KPN IPTV network, Belgium is the second country in Europe to receive BBC First, a fully localised channel which is the brand new home of the very best of British scripted content. With all programming subtitled in Flemish, BBC First makes its Belgium debut on cable provider Telenet, with further platforms to follow throughout the Benelux region.

“We know that audiences in Belgium love our content and we can now give them more of what they want with BBC First featuring localised first runs of the best of British Drama,” said Gabriele Galassi, BBC Worldwide’s head of Benelux, global markets.

“At Telenet, we are very pleased to welcome the splendid BBC First drama to our Play More offer. It fits perfectly within our aim to bring the best premium experiences to our customers”, added John Porter, CEO Telenet.

BBC First will join BBC Worldwide’s pan-regional channel BBC Entertainment Europe and the rest of the UK BBC public service channels currently carried by operators in Belgium. The BBC First channel brand made its debut in Australia in 2014.

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