VU+ Receiver General Setup Questions Complete Beginner (from a Spiderbox !)


Hi - I am, as the title says a complete newbie to openlinux boxes, but have been interested in satellite since the early days of Filmnet, Superchannel and pre-Sky on ASTRA Analogue, since the end of the 1980s and for the last ten years or so have been playing with "closed" source digital boxes...the Spiderbox 6000HD was (and still is) particularly good. I have now acquired a VU+ Duo, complete with 1TB HDD and is loaded with Open VIX software. The possibilities on this box seem so endless, I just don't know where to start ! As a quick starter, I have connected to my s*y dish for the moment, rather than my motorised one to get a feel for the menus....however plan to connect my motorised dish to the second input, so that I can set up channel lists opening freesat (from the mini dish) and other european content from the motorised dish in the same favourites list. My questions are :- 1)How do I manipulate the EPG so it displays the data for only the channels I can receive, and can I use the autobouquet maker to this end (haven't managed to make this work yet in a way that keeps everything in order !) and 2) How do I input CCCAM details ? (Spiderbox simply let you enter a c-line...can this box and image do something as simple as this, or do I have to install lots of other things first ?) Finally I take it that it is simply not possible anymore to put a genuine s*y card in anything other than a genuine S*Y box to receive the channels that I pay there no way this box can "emulate" my official box in this manner ? If not this is a pity as my genuine S*Y HD box is on its last legs and freezes all the time...I have paid for the entertainment channels, its not as if I am trying to do something for nothing !!

Is this the "best" image for me, or should I try changing it to one of the others available such as Black Hole ? And if I do, would I still have access to recordings on the HDD ?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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