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I am relatively new to this, well new to the Vu+ boxes anyway.

I previously used an f5s which is really basic and not very customizable.

I am now using the Vu+ Zero and i must say it is a little complicated for me starting out but looks amazing, i just need a little time to get used to it.

What i would really like is to be able to customize a channel list for me and another one for my wife.

I only watch abot 10 channels, tops, and i would like to be able to have them 10 channels on their own.

The Mrs watches a lot more telly than me so her list would have around 30 channels.

1, Can i edit a channel list on my pc and then ftp it to my box?

2, I have tried to setup the favorite channels on the box but i have hit a brick wall (probably something very easy which i am missing) Help please!!!

3, When i was setting up the box at the start i transferred a channel list via the vu+ control centre, after that i have been using the autobouquet feature on the box. Altough when i delete all lists to start again, it doesn't delete everything. I'm thinking the list i transferred via ftp is still there, how do i delete that?

STB - Vu+ Zero
Image - OpenVIX
Sat - 28.2

I don't need the channels to be in order with Sky, i just need the few channels that i watch.

Any help would be mighty helpful, as they say :bangd:

Thanks in advance,

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Ten Below

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Sep 9, 2014
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1. Yes look here, Dreambox Edit Guide

2. To add services to favourites press menu while browsing your channel list & follow the below screenshots.


3. Change ABM setup mode to expert then change this option.



Thanks very much pal, i'll give it a go and let you know how i get on. Cheers again :beer10:

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