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    How to use Dreambox Control Center?
    Programm written by BernyR, manual by dreamedge and Angel

    Configuration with 2 menus on the left side:
    "Network" and "Scripts"

    Start with a click on « Network »
    - Select your language
    - Select your connection type
    - The IP address from the PC tracks down automatically. The IP address from the Dreambox can be put in manually or there can be searched for automatically.
    - Select the equipment of your Dreambox: Hard disk, CF or USB-Stick
    - Select your login and password
    - The name of an active DreamFlash-Image will be showed automatically.

    Have a look on the two green icons. If one is red, click on it and the connection will be reconnected.

    Click on « Scripts »

    Standard scripts are needed internally by the system. Delete and create is for this reason not possible. Changes can be done easily by editing the scripts. The changes will be saved permanently.

    Standard scripts:

    - MOUNT USB DISC mounts the USB Stick with device disc
    - MOUNT USB PART1 mounts the USB Stick with device Part1
    - MOUNT CF mounts the CompaqFlash
    - MOUNT HDD mounts the Hard disk
    - UMOUNT CF…
    - FORMAT CF…

    User scripts: e.g.

    User scripts can be free created, edited or deleted. They can be executed in the telnet-area. As an example the script for starting samba is included.

    - Samba starten start the samba service, when included in the image.

    Tools with 4 menus

    Update Flash-image

    Attention: Only the image in the flash will be updated, not the images from the USB-Stick, HDD or CF!

    In Image file
    - The wanted image will be entered or searched for
    - after selecting click on « RUN »
    - The image will be renamed as root.cramfs and copied to /tmp

    At the Dreambox
    - At the Remote Control, push the <dream> button(the little gray)
    - Setup
    - Expert
    - Software Update
    - Manuel Update
    - Push the green button
    - Select the Image
    - Push OK and wait
    - Restart the Dreambox , don’t forget the flash erase

    Install DreamFlash

    - Select the source directory of the DreamFlash files
    - Select you options :
    - Example for an already installed USB-Stick:
    « USB-Stick(disc) » and « mount only »
    - Button Run è installs DreamFlash and existing Images will be preserved.

    Send command
    - Button <Reload Bouquets > the Bouquets will be reloaded.
    - Button <Reload Recordings> the recording.epl will be reloaded.
    - Message to the Dreambox:
    The entered message will send directly to the Dreambox after pushing the button <send now>. You can also send a timed message, once. Set the timer box.

    - Backup: give a new name or use existing name
    e.g. backup1 the following settings will be saved:
    Satellites, Services, Bouquets, Play list and Timer list to the DCC directory, in a separated subdirectory!
    - Restore: the saved Settings can be reloaded here. You can make a choice which one you need

    The telnet window can be used to control the scripts and can be used as usual to enter commands (e.g. shows ls –l the content of the directory. On the left side you find two little icons to copy and paste form the clipboard. It will be inserted at the last cursor position. The recent input can’t be copied.

    FTP Commander
    Here you can administer your Files.
    On the left side is the Dreambox. With the right click on a file you can, view, Edit, rename, delete or change the attribute (chmod) from the file. With a right click on a folder you can rename, delete or change the attributes. You can also create new folders.

    On the right side you see your PC; here you can use the standard Windows Explorer commands!

    You can make multiselect with files or directories.

    If you copy a *.ts file from the PC to the Dreambox, the system automatically checks if the file is bigger than ~1 Gbyte, if so, you will be asked if you would like to split automatically.

    If FTP is unused for a while the connection is closed automatically.
    You recognize this at the icon in the status bar. Green Connected, Red Disconnected. Clicking on the red icon will reconnect it.

    Before any other action you have to click the <Reload List> button to load the film list. In a tree view you can see all film titles. By clicking on the + symbol, you will see all the details of the recording. Therefore you can also see of how many parts the recording consists. If you mark a title, you can see the total size of the recording with all parts.

    Downloading a recording from the Dreambox:
    - Enter the path where the files should be transferred to under „copy to path“.
    - Mark the box „composition“ if the parts should be compiled to a TS-file (goes only for the marked film titles!). If you don’t mark this box, all parts of the marked films will be transferred as single files.
    - Click “download movie”. The recordings will be transferred as wanted to your PC.

    Uploading a TS-file on the Dreambox:
    - Click „Upload Movie“. Put in the name of the source file.
    - The movie will be split automatically and transferred to the recordings.epl.
    - The movie is then visible in the list “recorded movies” of the Dreambox and can be watched.

    ! Panic !
    If you click the Panic Button, a new recording.epl will be created of all the movies on the Dreambox, or if this already exists, all not registered will be add.

    With the Recordings Editor you can manage all the recorded movies. Here they can be renamed, sorted out and deleted! By marking the box at the bottom, also the file names of the changed movie titles will be renamed. You can mark more than one title. (Multiselect).

    Here the, in the image integrated website, will be loaded. This function depends on the used image.
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