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Changes and corrections:

WebIF ports not equal to 80 did not work
Fixed, it should now work every port in WebIF Line shift

in device
info after window zoom Fixed, device info is no longer zoomed by default

Incorrect window was displayed after minimization of the copy dialog
After recovery was on the configuration page jumped, no matter where you stood before.
Fixed, after minimize in the copy dialog one returns again to the previous view

Update * .deb packages did not work
Will be done now with "apt update" (only the list is updated, there is no update of the packages themselves!).
Can not test this because I have no box using the * .deb packages

salad "[6n" in the Telnet protocol created by missing end-of-line identifier in the Telnet text buffer.
Only ugly, had no negative effects.

Delete from Recordings did not work
because of missing encoding of the sRef parameter in the WebIF post.
Fixed, deleting recordings should now work.

Downloading recordings with umlauts in the file name did not
work because of different character sets between the file system of the box and Windows.

FTP was still displayed as connected in case of error (eg missing password).
If no password was entered in the profile although at least FTP requires one,
then the connection was established, but the FTP component waited in the background for the password.
Now an appropriate message is issued and the connection is terminated.

Multi-Download / Upload now only in one window
Previously, a dialog with the forest step display was opened for each file to be copied.
Copying a lot of small files (eg picons), that was an annoying window on and off.
Now all files to be copied are displayed in a single dialog with file counter.

Added "Copy path" in the FTP Commander
On request of the user, this function was added to the context menu of the path display in the FTP Commander.
Beside "Remember directory" and "Root" now the set path can be copied to the clipboard.

Corrections in language translations
Missing translations have been added, too long entries have been cut to an appropriate size.
As I said: The translations for French, Italian and Spanish come from Google!
For gross errors in the translation, please send corrections by mail.

Minor bug fixes
Mainly in the FTP environment.
For example, the refresh rate in the progress bar has been decreased for a smoother run.

Thanks to Bennyr