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Dish, Tuner & Settings Guides Dish size guide for Ku Band Satellites received in the UK

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Sep 9, 2014
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This Dish size guide is for Ku Band Satellites received in the UK Revised & updated October 16th 2014

Intelsat-20-----------------------68.5 east-----100cm
Intelsat-902 ---------------------62 east-------100cm
NSS-12----------------------------57 east-------80cm
Express AM-22 --------------------53 east-------80cm to 120cm
Intelsat-10-----------------------47.5 east-----100 to 120cm
AzerSat-1 ------------------------46 east-------80cm (West beam)
AzerSat-1 ------------------------46 east ( No reception on East beam with 100cm)
Intelsat-12 ----------------------45 east-------70 cm
Turksat 2A/3A/4A east ------------42 east ------80cm for West Beam reception
Turksat 2A/3A/4A east ------------42 east ------180 to 300cm East Beam
Hellas-Sat-2 ---------------------39east--------60cm to 80cm,
Eutelsat-36B----------------------36east--------100cm reception only for European beam---
Eutelsat 31A----------------------30.8 east ----100cm
Eutelsat 33A ---------------------33.2 east ----100cm
Astra-5B--------------------------31.5 east ----120cm to 240cm
Arabsat 5A -----------------------30.5 east -------reception possible with 150 to 240cm in the UK
Eutelsat 28A----------------------28.5 east-----45cm to 60cm
Astra 2A/2E/2F/-------------------28.2 east-----45cm to 60cm.
Badr- 4 --------------------------26 east-------100cm to 120cm = South UK ----- 120 to 180cm = North UK
Badr-5 & 6------------------------26 east ------No reception with 100cm dish in the UK
Eutelsat 25B / Es'hail-1 ---------25.5 east---- No reception with 100cm dish in the UK
Astra--3B-------------------------23.5 east ----80 to 90cm
Eutelsat-21B----------------------21.5 east ----90 to 120 cm
Astra-1-KR/1L/1M/1N---------------19.2 east-----45cm South UK----60cm North UK.
Eutelsat 16A----------------------16 east ------80cm
Eutelsat Hotbird13B/13C/13D--13 east------60cm
Eutelsat-10A ---------------------10 east-------90 to 120cm
Eutelsat -9A ----------------------9 east-------70cm
Eutelsat-7A/7B --------------------7 east-------80cm
SES-5 -----------------------------5 east-------120 to 240cm for this Nordic beam
Astra 4A---------------------------4.8 east-----100 to 120cm Nordic beam
Astra 4A --------------------------4.8 east-----80cm European beam,
Eutelsat 3B -----------------------3.1 east-----100cm

Thor-5 & 6 -------------------------0.8 west----80 cm European beam
Thor-5 & 6 -------------------------0.8 west----100 cm for Nordic beam in South East England
Intelsat-10-02 ---------------------1 west------90cm
Amos-2 & 3--------------------------4 west------100cm to 120cm no reliable service in UK
Eutelsat 5 West A ------------------5 west -----80cm.
Nilesat-102 ------------------------7 west------100 to 150cm for some vertical transponder's for Horizontal Tp's
240cm + but no reliable reception possible in the UK as we are well outside the service area for this
satellite,best reception is on the South coast of the UK,
Nilesat 201 ------------------------7 west ----------------{ No reception in UK with 100cm dish}
Eutelsat 7 West A-------------------7.3 west-----------100cm South East England
Eutelsat 8 West C ------------------7.8 west------------ (No reception in UK with 100cm dish)
Eutelsat 8 West A-------------------8 west-------------100cm.
Express AM44------------------------11 west------------90cm
Eutelsat 12 West A -----------------12.5 west ---------90cm
Telstar-12 -------------------------15 west -----------90cm
Intelsat-901 -----------------------18 west -----------90cm
NSS-7 ------------------------------20 west -----------90cm
SES-4 ------------------------------22 west -----------90cm
Intelsat-905 -----------------------24.5 west----------90cm
Intelsat-907 -----------------------27.5 west ---------90cm
Hispasat-1D/1E ---------------------30 west------------80cm
Intelsat-903 -----------------------34.5 west ---------90cm ----(only occasional feeds here not very active)
Telstar 11N ------------------------37.5 west ---------90cm -----(Occasional feeds)
Intelsat-14-------------------------45.1 west----------90cm
Amazonas-1--------------------------55.5 west----------90cm

List compiled by William-1 of Alsat

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