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DreamElite OpenBlackHole BH 1.4 (v3)

So :

- DTS Surround
- CrossEPG Plugin
- Cron
- DreamElite BlackHole GUI (Showing InfoBar CAS infos, BluePanel, AutoCam, Extra Settings Menu [Cron Manager, Osd Settings, Devices Manager, Kernel Modules Manager, Fast Plugin Settings], GreenPanel, Script Manager, System Setup : Show Event-progress in channel selection, etc)


1) Default (DreamElite BlackHole 1.3.3b - Army Smoke HD) :

2) DreamElite BlackHole 1.2.x (Army Classic HD):

3) Army Wall HD

4) Army Gradient HD (OpenBlackHole)

P.S.: After installation and regularly, install the latest patch/update available on the Built-in Addon Panel to have latest functionalities active and fully working.



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