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Custommix for Vermin Media UK to swap channels with FreeSat This is a Vermin MEDIA line-up with all the free channels from sky replacing those on the Vermin Lineup at the moment im not sure of the channels to swap but this CustomMix (Thanks to rossi2000) adds all FreeSat channels to Vermin Line up including regional channels so BBC 1 to channel 5 will be using sat sd versions (this may change) and I would like your thoughts and see where we go from here.

To test it Unzip and FTP the cable_uk_virgin_CustomMix.xml to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/AutoBouquetsMaker/custom/

Now we need to set abm

Recommended ABM setting

Menu, setup, service searching, AutoBouquetsMaker, providers

Sky UK yes
Sky UK your area custom
no need to generate bouquets.

Vermin UK yes
Vermin UK your net Id
the rest is upto you

Once done press green to save then check providers order and check Vermin UK is on top press green to save then start scan.

This is still a work in progress once done ill look at creating a plugin to download the CustomMix.

Again thanks to rossi2000 for providing the CustomMix file


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