Custom / Unofficial Build Egami 9.0.2

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Not my work so thanks to whoever compiled these.​


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Egami 9.0.2 OE-A 4.4 Release 13.04.2020
EGAMI 9 is Based on OE-A 4.4
We have fixed lot old bugs .
EGAMI 9 no have FTP Password.
Please Active Password via Terminal using Putty
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or by remote control
Menu/Configuration/System/Network configuration/Password configuration, write the password then Save (green button)
Please feedback forum.

[] Multiple fixes
[setup.xml] Change time zone wording
[setup.xml] dont show the option for Date... Time style if not needed
[] show complete Service reference
[] PEP8 and code cleanup
[] PEP8 cleanup
[] New tool to provide geolocation data
[imagebackup] remove hardcoded kernel.bin infos this fix image backup for hisi model
[] fix ..alow subtitle language to equal audio language
[Update] remote control management
[] Correct missing env lookup
[TV/Radio] toogle button in Octagon SF8008
[hisi] add hiplayer support h9, h9combo, h10, hd60, hd61 , i55 and multibox
[Update] libdca 0.0.6 -> 0.0.7 git, fixed staticdev libdt
[kodi] add hiplayer support for octagon sf8008
[openwebif] update version to 1.3.9
[3rdparty] update webradiofs
[3rdparty] update
[hisi] hiplayer kodi 18.6 fix build dont merge this to branch 4.4
[kodi18] add gstplayer
[kodi18] Update kodi-pvr addons to latest stable version
[kodi18] fix kodi build zgemmah7
[kodi18] sf4008 enable kodi18
[zgemma] enable kodi 18 hisi models
[python-youtube-dl] 2020.03.06
[kodi addons] - rtmp
[vuplus] update kodi to 18.5 version
[octagon] update kodi to 18.5 version
[airdigital] update kodi to 18.5 version
Lot other update news........
Please no send PM. You need to know dhis decoders is only for EGAMI FORUM DONATOR
Mutant HD51 or AX HD51
Octagon SF8008
Octagon SF4008
[Donator ] - New Image for VU+ Ultimo 4k, Vu+ Zero4k, Vu+ Uno4k, Vu+ Uno4Kse, Vu+ Duo4k, Vu+ Solo4k
[Donator] - New Image for HITUBE 4K COMBO
Please undestand EGAMI TEAM needs samples for compile the images requested
We no need Money !! so Please no ask new images without send SAMPLES.
Note: Recommend using the USB version ( lot of decoders have a new kernel and new drivers. )
Download Zip Verion - feedback forum
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Support Forum
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Update ONLINE and Some USB Flash
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