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Satellite TV News F1 picks Tata Comms for live TV delivery


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Oct 13, 2014
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F1 picks Tata Comms for live TV delivery

Formula One Management (FOM) has chosen Tata Communications to provide broadcast services for the GP2, GP3 and Porsche Supercup motor racing series.

The deal will see Tata Communications offer live feeds delivered over fibre and satellite networks from the 12 race locations in 2015 to broadcasters around the world.

"We are always looking to help provide our partners and clients with the highest standards of support and service and our decision to appoint Tata Communications as the provider of these broadcast services is designed to deliver this," says Bernie Ecclestone, CEO, Formula One Group.

The service will draw on Tata Communications' existing Race Network Operations Centre (NOC), located in the Formula 1 Technical Centre, which is present at every F1 Event. The Indian company already provides FOM with a content delivery network, MPLS, Internet access, managed hosting and security and co-location services.

Vinod Kumar, MD and CEO, Tata Communications, added: "By consolidating fixed line connectivity needs with Tata Communications, Formula One Management will be able to take the greatest possible advantage of that infrastructure and tap into the versatility, on and off-site support and existing knowledge and experience of our platform and our team. We are a unique player in the ecosystem and well-placed to help deliver high quality live feeds to customers all over the world."

Since 2012 Tata Communications has supported 57 races with over 400 hours of live service management.
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