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Dish Support Fine tuning dish alignment

Shireoaks Owl

Oct 15, 2020
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Hi Guys I am having trouble with fine tuning my satellite motorised dish.
I have a vu+uno 4k se sat box. My dish setting have been fine until today , I think the wind could have moved my dish slightly so I went into my setting and went into position set and tried to move dish . In the settings it allowed me fine tune my box ( watching the signal strength)but every time I came out of this the setting would not be saved. Another question in the position setting screen the message comes up Locked , I think this could be part of the problem?
So to round off this question if the Locked message could be removed or reset to un-lock my dish may stay in the new position.
Would appreciate any positive feed back on how to fine tune etc


I am the Nice One
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Sep 10, 2014
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Never had wind affect me dish but seen this reported a few times. Not sure how or why this could happen unless not tightened down enough or pole mount not secured in the ground well enouogh.

Sadly the fine tune element does not provide any indication to location settings & is actually intended for non USALS setup. So when playing there it is anyone's guess as to where one is when the signal appears to be at its best.

Assuming you are using USALS I would suggest playing with the Longitude Tuner settings to start with instead. Maybe in increments of 10 steps. If that solves your problem then job done.
Not sure messing with Latitude will help but that may also be worth a try as well. Just make sure to make note of your original settings.

Worst case will be you having to get the ladder out & realigning physically.
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