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I've been updating manually my bouquet lists on 16e, and for some weird reason 11262.25H and 12639.00H are linked, when I manually tune 11262 on my bouquet list for RTSH 12639H the channels automatically change to 11262H and vice versa,!


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My list works fine on those frequencies on my Ultimo 4K & DM900 & I can manually scan on both with no problem but I use my own settings based on Vhannibal's.

So wonder is there anything in your satellites.xml that might give a clue as to why?
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It’s only just been a issue, I also use my own list, and manually update using e-chanelizer, had same issue on both my boxes, will look at the satellite.xml no idea why both transponders are linked, when I scan RTSH’s the channels on 11262 also change to frequency 12639.


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Delete frequency 12639 from satellite.xml satellite 16.0E.
And add that same frequency under the new satellite 16,1E

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