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Satellite TV News HD tops SD in German DTH market


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Oct 13, 2014
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17.6 million TV households in Germany received HD television at the end of 2014 – an increase by 24% within 12 months (2013: 14.2 million).

The share of HD households among German TV households now amounts to 45%. From the HD households, the largest part are DTH satellite households (10 million), followed by cable (6.6 million) and IPTV (1 million).

The total number of HD households rose from 18.1 to 18.2 million, resembling a market share of 47%. Thus, for the first time, the majority of DTH households are HD households.

The number of cable households increased from 16.85 to 16.9 million (market share 44%). DVB-T reaches 2.2 million households (market share 6%) while 1.5 million households (market share 4%) have opted for IPTV.

The figures are taken from the TV Monitor 2014 for which market research institute TNS Infratest interviewed 6,000 households on behalf of satellite operator Astra. The figures refer to the main TV reception device, usually the large TV set in the living room.

A strong increase is predicted for the new Ultra HD format. Around 220,000 Ultra HD TV sets were sold in Germany by the end of 2014, according to GfK Retail and Technology. The market researchers expect another around 750,000 Ultra HD TV sets to be sold in Germany by the end of this year.

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