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IPTV Tutorials How to use X-STREAMITY

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Mar 12, 2016
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How to use X-Streamity
Install the .ipk or .deb file depending on your image.
By default the plugin appears in your plugins. Can be set to appear in main menu via the settings page.
Firstly press "Menu" button on the main screen and setup your main settings.
The main settings are global and effect all playlists.

Add Playlist
You can either enter your playlist details via the "Add" option on main screen.
Alternatively you can manually enter your playlist details via the 'playlists.txt' file
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Manual entry is in the format of

Edit playlist
Use this screen to amend your details and set your playlist stream types.
Especially important if you have manually entered your details via 'playlists.txt' file.
EPG times will probably be offset when using this plugin. i.e might be 3 hours ahead.
Use the EPG timeshift option to adjust the times of your Live channels EPG.

Delete playlist
Delete playlist does not permanently delete your playlist.
This option puts a hash "#" on the line of your playlists in the 'playlists.txt' file.
This comments out the playlist so it does not get shown in your list.
If you wish to permanently delete playlist. Remove the line manually from your 'playlists.txt' file

User Info
This screen shows details information about your playlist account.
Including allowed stream types. Max users. Expiry date and your playlist URL for use in other applications.

The settings page are the global settings for all your playlists.
Individual provider settings can be found under the "Edit" option of the main screen

Category List
< - Page Up
> - Page Down
0 - Return to Top
Red - Exit or Previous Screen
Green - Next Screen or Play
Yellow - Sort. Each press of yellow buttons sorts the lists as per the button description
Blue - Search.
EPG/Guide/Text button - will toggle now / next epg information on live channels
EPG/Guide/Text button - Show IMDB for VOD Cateogores.
EPG/Guide long press - Show full EPG Listing (up to 50)
Record - Download Vod
Menu - Hide/Show Categories
Search - Only searches the current list on the left. It doesn't search sub folders.
If you wish to search all. Select the "All" category and search inside that category.
Selecting "All" might be slow to load.

Playing Streams
OK - Show infobar
TV/PVR/Fav button - cycle though stream types. i.e 1,4097, 5002 etc
Up / Channel up - Previous Stream
Down / Channel down - Next Stream
Video buttons will work for pausing, ff, rw etc. There may be a delay of a few seconds before this happens.
Long hold < or > to seek
Numeric keypad numbers will jump forward or backwards as per your movie player jump settings.
Yellow / Audio - If alternative Audio streams are available
Yellow / Sub - If alternative Subtitles are available
Subtitles button - Will open Subsupport DVB plugin if installed.
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