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CCcam Tutorial In CCcam info.PHP/CS Studio this is what the different colours mean

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Sep 9, 2014
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In CCcam info PHP/CS Studio this is what the different colours mean
1: Client/server:
White means - they are working and OK
Red means - offline
Purple means -
a) user has different DNS/IP as server and as client
b) he try to use your C: line second time
c) his or your server is hacked and someone try use yours or his lines to own benefit/stealing.

2: Caid/idents colours mean
Green ident - means that it is rigth now active
Yellow ident - means that it is inactive next or used
Red ident - means that it is old or fake

Current time : 17:50:51 - i will not explain this
NodeID : dfc*******bf4 - unique ID of your CCcam
Uptime : 00d 12.04:.47 - how long is your CCcam working without restart
Connected clients : 161 - how many clients is connected
Total handled client ecm's : 108025 - how many ECM requests is been recived from your clients
Total handled client emm's : 0 - how many EMM you are recived from your clients (for card update - not all cards are supported)
Total handled LOCAL ecm's : 14457 / 15305 (94%) - how many loacl card ECM is sent to your clients
Peak load (max queued requests per workerthread) : 8 8 9 9 8 7 8 7 7 3

Meaning of colours in ECM:

Red 0% no valid ECM
Green 75% and more valid ECM
Yellow less of 70% valid ECM
Orange less of 40% valid ECM etc...

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