General VU+ Receiver Tutorials Installing a VPN in Blackhole on VU+

Complete guide to installing a VPN on a VU+ box in Blackhole using VPN manager

This example uses CyberGhost

Stage 1 – Install VPN Manager

Open SatVenus –Go to other Other Add Ons Download – Plugins- Other (Wait to load, can be slow), Find VPN Manager 1.1.3 and load it.

Stage 2 find your config from your VPN provider (Note this is accurate for CyberGhost but the principal should be similar for other VPN providers)

Open your account details for your vpn – on CyberGhost its “manage my account.” Set up a new device” – on cyberghost you do it under “Other” – name that device. You then need to find the configuration – there should be a heading configuration. You can choose only 1 address however I have setup two different ones under different names, 1 in England and 1 in the US. I just switch them from within vpn manager by changing the address of the folder on the hard drive – I’ve called the folders vpn and vpn2.

The config will look similar to the below scripts and usually consist of

The config file will look like that below. Note that I have underlined and made bold the line you need to change which is “Auth-user-pass”. It needs to point tothe path of pas.key – pas.key is a file they you need to make that shows the user and pwd – this file (I made it with notepad++) looks like this

0W9rBQ8etC which is user

FZhCKku7Bdr which is password Note these are not your usual vpn user and passwords. Note these user and pwd are examples only and do not work!

Config looks like this (Some details have been changed to protect privacy)


remote 313

dev tun

proto udp

auth-user-pass /hdd/vpn/pas.key

resolv-retry infinite

redirect-gateway def1




cipher AES-256-CBC

auth SHA256

ping 5

ping-exit 60


explicit-exit-notify 2

script-security 2

remote-cert-tls server

route-delay 5

tun-mtu 1500

fragment 1300

mssfix 1200

verb 4


ca ca.crt

cert client.crt

key client.key

Load the 5 files into hdd/vpn/ (vpn is the folder that you should have made on your hard drive, see next section on using VPN Manager))

Stage 3 - Using VPN Manager

First of all make a new folder in HDD called VPN (Can actually be called anything – if you want different VPN locations, you need a folder for each e.g vpn, vpn2 etc)

Open VPN manager from Blackhole plugins menu item (you will have needed to reboot after downloading vpn manager from SatVenus, for it to show up in your plugins.

When open click menu on your VU remote.

You will see a row of menu items, that read:

“All configs in one folder” – Yes

“Save Directory configs” – click ok on it and you will see the HDD directories – go down the row to find the name of the vpn directory (in the example its vpn), Don’t click ok but do click the green button (save – this should save the directory and will be shown as such at the top).

Click Exit

The menu should appear again. – Find username and enter the username given to you by the VPN provider – to do this, whilst on the username entry press the first digit of the username on the remote and the virtual keyboard should appear. Complete user name and when finished click ok on the virtual keyboard. Repeat for password given to you by the VPN provider.

Stage 4 – activate VPN

Open VPN Manager and under the Open VPN logo there is a large box and in it should be the name of your VPN.

Click ok on the VU remote whilst highlighting the VPN provider name and it should connect. Progress can be seen in the right hand box and eventually the IP address and name of the new provider will be shown. If the vpn is not active then the ISP address of your usual connection is shown - note that I have noticed that although this does work on other images the name of the new provider is not always shown on some of these images. If you are uneasy whether this is really working you can go to Blackhole apps “openvpn” press blue for the log and you will see from the log that all is fine.
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