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Custom Build VU+Solo2 iPab.tv v1.3

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Sep 9, 2014
iPab.tv v1.3


Manual by providing step-by-step instructions to install and use are in a downloadable

iPab.tv - probably the most complete, easiest-to-set up and use a custom image available - Why do not you use iPab.tv?

iPab.tv Release Notes

version 1.3 (September 7, 2016)

software Update as of 02/09/2016
Brand New Sky skin on (thanks to Kidd C for v5.1 of his skin Slyke-HD)
brand new Vermin of the skin on (thanks Kidd C to 1.011 of his skin VSkin-HD)
brand new SkyQ skin on (thanks Chabs for v1.5 of his skin SkyQ, even if I have to fix it!)
Heaven Bouquets Maker v1.3
about BBC One Two option / based on your region
about Show / Hide Bouquets
of automatic database update / Populate channel (no longer need to fill the database in Advanced Bouquets Management)
for improved night scheduled update in standby mode
with Select whether the amendments channels are downloaded automatically
on Select whether the channel numbers are included in scanning
about fix Picons which are used Picons SNP
v1.3 advanced Management Bouquets
O Simplified use Sky settings
for Extended application settings Vermin
of the option prefix Vermin Bouquets
 CrossEPG IPAB Edition v1.3
of the Vermin Removed from suppliers in the Cross EPG (now use the EPG refresh)
Removed unnecessary options for
 IPAB Updater V1.3
to enter ???? Red Button ???? quick access to the menu IPAB
About IPAB update now includes full upgrades, updates and emergency updates the system
menu expanded to Fix common poprawek
about Skins & Picons menu, you can switch skins, install Picons and ensure optimum settings
for IPTV IPTV Menu update the player and install IPTV Subscriptions
for Cam automatic line import and export to / from the USB port
the menu for quick access to information and troubleshooting
about quick diet for Sky and Vermin
 IPAB emergency reset v1.3 Video
of Two reset button if youâ ???? ve set the resolution too high for the TV (Green> OK)
Dream Explorer added
 EPG refresh added for better Vermin EPG
 MovieOrganisor added to put all your TV programs in order to - (thanks Grog68 V1.9 for its MovieOrganisor plug)
The update player IPTV day 09/02/2016 - Regular updates available via the red button (IPAB Menu)
 channels initially scanned by Sky (updated as of 9/3/2016)
software update for the day 02/09/2016
 Timeshift Startup remove the default
version 1.2 (8 April 2016)

A construction now based on OpenATV 5.3
software update for the day 08/04/2016
Heaven Bouquets Maker v1.2 (the night checking for new / updated channels)
v1.2 advanced Management Bouquets
A Custom Edition CrossEPG
 IPAB Updater now included in the online updates
mods habit now checked the night to provide an update ATV Hasna ???? t overwritten
 channels initially scanned by Sky (updated as of 4/8/2016)
Database of bouquets and EPG updated nightly between 3:30, 3:45 and 4:00
Modifying Timeshift minimize erroneous messages
Version 1.1 (March 6, 2016 )

software update as of 03/06/2016
Cross Providers Refresh
 IPTV update v110.00.01.00
 Autobouquetse2 - edition iPab.TV customer modification (ABE2)
 channels initially scanned by Sky (updated as of 06/03/2016)
 feeds update automatically every night
Modifying Timeshift to improve performance
V1.0 (February 21, 2016)

a Open ATV 5.1 base construction 20160205
software Update as of 21/02/2016
Cross EPG 0.6.2 - Locked in order to avoid future update
About installed Sky Tabs Cross EPG mod (modification of play nicely with most skins)
 cacheflush v1.17
About configured for optimal memory management
 IPTV v102.03.06.00
About pre-installed and configured to work with Filmotopia, Movienight, Yify, Youtube, Apple trailers and their local media
for IPTV programmed to activate by pressing the "portal"
 Slyke-HD v3.008 - - Locked in order to avoid future updates (will be updated if necessary in future releases)
Graphic updated to more accurately reflect the Sky
on loan for Słyk-HD skin KiddaC
red-HD v3.2 - Locked in order to avoid future updates (will be updated if necessary in future releases)
Graphic updated to more accurately reflect the VM
on loan for RED-HD skin rossi2000 and simonsez
 Webradio - configured so as to record songs in MP3 format
 Autobouquetsmaker (ABM)
 Autobouquetse2 (ABE2)
to modify plugin.py change the language
unique cross polination between ABM and ABE2
About stop this rogue unviewable entries ending EPG Search
 channels initially scanned by Sky (updated as of 02/21/2016)
Pure Black Radio screen to stop smoking during extended use radio
Descriptions  audio disabled for all channels
subtitle Syncronisation problem was
 default automatic timer adapted to link a series easier to use​



May 22, 2016
Thanks for the backup custom build can you tell me what's the difference is between yours and the original build?


Jan 31, 2016
will this work on vu+ duo please if not is there one that will thanks in advance


Vuplus-Images Elite
Mar 8, 2016
Has there been an images for Duo2 yet? I've been scouring the web and not found any...


Super Moderator
Feb 23, 2016
Has there been an images for Duo2 yet? I've been scouring the web and not found any...
Nope, they did a gofundme for a vuduo 2 but image they only allowed to donators and think they said they will release when a different version comes out. i.e iPab v2.when they redo etc (do not pay for early access)

Best ask on there social media page be best bet.

Or use an image from backup section on here and I think Woosh has vu duo 2 also.
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