VU+ Kodi Addons IPTV on Enigma2 Kodi?


I can do this on Kodi for PC using IPTV simple client and I can get IPTV using XC plugin for enigma2.
I can't get simple client on Enigma2 Kodi and I would like to record a IPTV channel.
Can anyone help?
What I really want to do is record an IPTV channel on my solo2 so would be interested in any solution.
P.S. using openvix 5 and have subscribed to an IPTV service.


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if on an latest image


opkg install kodi-addons-meta

This installs PVR clients into Kodi on enigma2, which is pointless since the Vu+ box I have has no sound on internal video player, and pvr has no option to play via external lol.


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Put your IPTV in bouquets then record from bouquets like a normal channel, if no epg info, then edit timer to suit timings you want.

Check IPTV support on here for any threads on IPTV to bouquets, or ask your supplier.
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