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As we know editing most skins on enigma 2 kodi 16.1 has deemed issues with "skin shortcut error" due to a few lacking dependencies, but I mentioned some skins before like AMBER - MQ6/7 - couple of others.

But XONFLUENCE is pretty good and very editable, its in HELLY REPO will attach at bottom.

Also I don't use builds, but FANRIFFIC THEME repos and the sly Kodi Jarvis skin works fine also and can add own addons to addonsets / edit it.



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Thread is mainly for Kodi 16.1 RC as it had limitations and lets me honest most addons mentioned are the main onmes, but here is some good other good ones working fine on Kodi 17.


NJM soccer (echo wizard)
Sportie (echo wizard) think they fixing now.
DC sports (echo wizard)
Wheres my game (echo wizard)

Here is the link for that
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Handy to have, also as above FANRIFFIC themes is pretty good also, as alot of skins are built on XONFLUENCE whiuch has editable parts of the skin, which is handy on enigma2.


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as post above

SPORTIE in indigo repo is pretty cool addition, has some normal channels also.

Worth a look on Kodi 17 on sat box.

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