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Discussion in 'VU+ Kodi (XBMC) Support' started by fusko92, Apr 21, 2018.

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  1. fusko92

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    Hi all im using VU + ULTIMO 4K , when i go into kodi i cant see any pvr clients anyone knows how to fix it? im using BlackHole-3.0.5
  2. danny187

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    Open a Telnet session and type

    opkg install kodi-addons-meta

    That will add pvr clients to e2 Kodi.

    However make sure on a brand new image, having said that pvr clients never worked properly on e2 and not worth it.

    But on new images, if press menu on streams in some addons and click play from then choose gstplayer its first time in a good while stuff uses the internal kodi player opposed to external (but pvr differ, so on honest note, try if you want so you know, but I wouldn't bother)
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