VU+Solo2 Clone Lonrisun Images - Lonrisun Clone Safe Images (for use with v4 flashed clones only) |

VU+Solo2 Clone Lonrisun Images Lonrisun Clone Safe Images (for use with v4 flashed clones only)


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Lonrison Clone Safe Images (for use with v4 flashed clones only)

The images in this thread were not created inhouse. We cannot therefore vouch for, test them nor offer any guarantee.

Use at your own risk!
These images are for use with v4 flashed boxes only. If you haven't got a v4 flashed box or you are not sure what flash version you have, do NOT use these images as it is very likely it will brick your box. You have been warned.

I recommend backing up your current image first before flashing with these images and I recommend not doing a restore of any previous settings

These drivers have the drivers confirmed as clonesafe (with v4 flashed boxes). Due to these drivers being old, some features may not work or work as intended and XBMC support and animated screens are two such features.

These images have the driver version patch and drivers write-protected already applied but I still advise against doing an online update. Any updates done are at your own risk as it may cause bricked box!

I take no responsibility for any bricked boxes or other problems due to using this image. Use these images at your own risk!

Remember these images are for use only with boxes known to be using v4 flash update.

OpenVix Apollo 163 (build 31/03/15)*

OpenATV 4.2 (build 03/04/15)*

BlackHole 2.1.4 (build 05/12/14)**

OpenPLi 4 (build 03/04/15)

VTi 8.0.0 (build 03/04/15)

* These images are done via an online update from an older version before introduction of XBMC and animated screens. Therefore, these images may be unstable due to significant code changes.

** This image is currently the latest one that is supported for Lonrison clones due to BH introducing XBMC as standard (rather than a plugin like on few other images).

Adapted for VuPlus images from a post by 'Ketmp' who posted this on another forum.
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Oct 14, 2018
Hello where can I find the latest images from open pli and black hole for the v4 version? thank you so much!!! Im having problems with the last ones I found in this forum ! thank you :D