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General VU+ Receiver Discussion Need help choosing receiver

Jun 8, 2018
My old OpenBox S6 HD broke down and don't know if it is worth to fix it, as want some more features.
So was looking at VU+ receivers.
I will be watching Astra 19, all free channels, not planning on any subscriptions.
What i want is to be able to stream all tv channels to my phones to watch anywhere in home.

I was told VU+ Zero 4K can stream to mobile devices and is good enough to have. Price is reasonable.
But thinking, maybe it would be anough VU+ Zero for streaming? As not planning to watch 4k, as TV only FullHD :D

Or should i invest more and get Solo 4k, Uno 4k Se, Solo SE V2 (single, dual what does that mean???), Solo2, Uno 4K. These all are available to get for me. But don't want to spend a lot if i will not use it's functionallity.
Solo 4K and Uno 4K se is on the pricer end for me.

Also was told Zero 4K can have HDD to record, pause movies, is intrigued, but would it work from phone when watching to pause and resume?
Also is 100Mbit ethernet enough for streaming?
Also can i stream too 2 devices at once different channels?