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Apr 10, 2015
Is there a User Guide anywhere for Neoboot as I have tried using it twice and both times have run into issues. I have a Vu+ Solo 4k running Openatv 6.3 as the main image. I believe Neoboot version was 7.0.4 for the 1st attempt and then 7.0.5 for the 2nd.

Attempt 1: installed Neoboot and another image and it moved all folders/files from hdd to a new folder called neoboot. I then removed the additional image but it did not move anything back so all my recordings etc were in the wrong folder. Basically all my files etc from HDD were left in the Neoboot folder and I could not move them back as it kept giving an error regarding renaming or something like that. Sorry to be a bit vague on that. Re-installed my image from a backup and all the files were back so assume they were always there even thought I could not view them even as invisible files.

Attempt 2; Installed neoboot again and seemed to be alright this time. Added another image and then expected to go to neoboot again to select the original flashed image but it stated that it needs to be installed and to first mount the drive.

Gave up at this point and went back to openmultiboot hence the request as I have heard it is better multi loader to use
Visit the link lots of information and sharing is there
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