Download Picons NEW GD-Picons - FULL SET **Regularly Updated** Sat/Cable/Fsat/Fview/IPTV & more

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NEW GD-Picons - FULL SET **Regularly Updated** Sat/Cable/Fsat/Fview/IPTV & more
Created & mantained by grantdavey91

discscience.png disneyjnrhd.png
fairytales.png more4.png

These I have created, inspired by MK's brilliant picons, which can be found on

My set includes ALL channels for Sly, Virmin, Freesat, Freeview and more

Also includes Bouquet picons and Adult sections

Tested each one by one on a Vu+ Duo 2 - No channels missing - all have the LCD picon

Also includes Sky Cinema Fairy Tales and HD which changed service name just hours ago!
As with any changes or updates, I recommend performing a backup before using

All you need to do is download the zip, extract it to your desktop or downloads folder, open your FTP client, navigate to your picon folder and ftp/drag and drop these png files over to your box.

After unzipping you are presented with one folder named : gdpicon-400x240-FULL-set-15082016

Inside that folder, are 4 sub folders entitled : Adult-Censored , Adult-Uncensored , Bouquet, Picon

Don't ftp the folders, only the png files

Choose if you want to have Adult picons, if so, choose whether you would like uncensored or censored versions - open the folder and ftp the files over.

Next, if you would like bouquet picons, open the folder and ftp the png files over to your box

and finally the last folder, Picon, open it up and select all, and ftp over to your box.

All picons in this set have the very latest and current logos

I will always update picons when there is a service name change / addition or logo update

I am also open to requests, if you would like me to create a particular picon, please just ask or if you would like an alternative picon to one already included, e.g. background , this can also be arranged

Please note this pack contains adult content - if you do not wish to see or use adult picons/content, please ignore or delete the folders containing adult content - adult picons are only inside where it states adult, the normal picon and bouquet folders do not include adult content

I can't post the full preview as far too many but pack does include all channels; it has been tested but if you find one or two are not showing please let me know

Until the next update, enjoy, hope you find useful and reply to the thread below for any questions or requests!

Thanks guys

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second update:

SNP 400x170 dark on transparent picons for use with epg/infobar

1_0_1_9_2_85_FFFF0000_0_0_0.png btsportmosaic.png itvtynetees.png

Includes satellite and cable and includes ALL channels, none missing!! Even the new Sky Cinema Fairy Tales is included

All Logos are updated to their latest and current versions,

I have submitted the changes to so that these can be updated in the next release to the general public, but for now....

Download these to have all the latest and current picons that fills in all the gaps

If you do find any missing please let me know, as they all should be loaded (tested with sat and cable on vu duo2)


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****UPDATE**** 21.08.2016

Some changes/additions

Sky Sports Mix is now available on 2.2e however the HD version needed changing to match the service name of Sky Sports Mix HD (Sky SP Mix HD)

Missing bouquet picon for Vermin UK BT Sports Interactive

Updated bouquet picon for Sky UK Bt Sports Interactive - old version, error in picon displaying Sky Sports opposed to BT Sports

Sky Fairy Tales - updated for cable - named Sky Fairy and Sky Fairy HD

BT Sport Mosaic 2 added for 28.2e

Sky Sports Republic of Ireland 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 added

All above included in the below downloads

Available for LCD screen and SNP infobar/epg

FTP to your correct picon folder(s) and if you are prompted with an overwrite question, select yes to update older picons

FYI - Sky Greats changes again on Monday to Sky Star Trek and Sky Greats HD to Sky Star Trek HD, these have been made available in the original full pack downloads

Preview LCD :

Preview SNP :

Download LCD Update Pack 21.08.2016 here >>>>

Download SNP Update Pack 21.08.2016 here >>>>

Download Both LCD & SNP here >>>>

Thanks all


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EVERYTHING from Day 1 ALL packs available

LCD Graphics - Every Channel Included for Satellite 28.2e and Cable; Also includes Bouquet Picons

GUI SNP - Every Channel Included for Satellite 28.2e / Cable / Lots others for Muti-Sat 19/23/25 sat

IPTV LCD Graphics Selection

Far too many to preview for these, over 5,000 for GUI SNP and nearly 2,000 for LCD Graphics

**PLEASE NOTE** - LCD Graphics Pack contains Adult Content - after unzipping LCD Graphic's, there are 4 folders named "Adult-Censored", "Adult-Uncensored" , "Bouquet" , and "Picon" - Please do not open "Adult-Uncensored" folder if you don't wish to see adult content.

Download from my Google Drive :

LCD Graphics (273.7MB) >>>>
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GUI SNP (61.4MB) >>>>
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IPTV (4.6MB) >>>>
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ALL PACKS (339.7MB) >>>>
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It is recommended to install picons either in your root filesystem or a USB drive (Not HDD)

For my set up; I install GUI SNP pack onto the root filesystem (you will need to create the folder 'picon' on /), and the LCD / IPTV sets on my USB drive e.g. media/usb/picon

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UPDATE 12/10/2016

baytvclwyd.png madeinbirmigham.png
stv2.png stv2aberdeen.png
thatssurrey.png yorkshirecoasttv.png

Future Channels

Launching 12th October, Made In Liverpool

Fox News is launching on cable also on 12th October; picon already available in pack (as it's already on 28.2e)

On 17th October, Sky Tom Hanks SD + HD will be reverting back to Sky Greats SD + HD

Launching 1st November, Made In Birmingham

24th November, ITV West + East Variants are rebranded/replaced with ITV West Country / Plus 1 / HD

By end of November, 'That's York' will launch on 28.2e

Made In Teesside to launch by end 2016

Other forthcoming changes :

STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh rebranded to STV2 variants

STV2 Ayr

STV2 Dundee

That's Carlisle

Bay TV Clwyd

That's Salisbury

That's Surrey

That's Reading

Yorkshire Coast TV


That's Hampshire

Picons available GUI SNP + LCD Graphics


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