VuPlus Uk LTD New to E2 boxes - general advice before purchasing Solo4K

Discussion in 'Pre-sale Questions & Feedback' started by elsmandino, Oct 23, 2017.

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  1. elsmandino

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    I am thinking about buying an Enigma 2 box and have been researching the Solo4K.

    I have only ever used PCs with TV tuner cards before and am a complete newcomer to E2 boxes.

    I would be really grateful for some initial advice:

    1. It seems that Engima 2 is the Linux-based Operating System that runs on these machines. What exactly are Blackhole, Openvix etc? Are these skins or are they modified versions of Enigma 2?

    2. I want to connect my box to a fixed dish at 28.2e, plus a second motorised dish.

    What would be the best way of utilising the FCB tuners with this setup?
  2. DirtyDonki

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    If I were buying new today the Solo4K would be my choice also.
    1. The latter (modified versions).
    2. Can be done but FCB tuners have the same limitations as any tuners within a motorized setup in that they can only access the satellite the dish (es) currently has in focus. In your case that would be your fixed satellite and the one your motorized dish was currently focused on.

    Tuner A Fixed.
    Tuner B Motorized
    or vica-versa.
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  3. elsmandino

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    Excellent - thank you.

    I guess that I shall to have a go at a few different modified versions, to see what I like. As a general rule, do they differ in terms of adding functionality or is purely a different look?

    Do you happen to know if the second FCB tuner can be linked to the first input, virtually?

    For example, could I run the first input to an octo-unicable LNB and have all four of tuner one's inputs, plus three of the second tuner's.

    Could I then connect the a single LNB to the second tuner, utilising the last one?
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