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Discussion in 'Techie's Lounge' started by Tube10000, Jan 14, 2016.

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    Notepad++ 6.8.9

    Changes in 6.8.9:

    • Fix Notepad++ hanging issue while user uses touchscreen to activate Notepad++ window.
    • HTML auto-close tag enhancement: Prevent
      , , <img alt="">, and from being closed automatically.
    • Project enhancement: Allows user defined extension to associate workspace file.
    • Make behavior of SHIFT+END and SHIFT+HOME more consistent when word wrapping is enabled.
    • Add new API NPPM_SAVEFILE (for plugins) to save any file, not only the focused one.
    • Add file extensions for FreePascal/Lazarus pascal, lex (as C).
    • Update keywords for C, C++, JavaScript, Python and YAML.

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