Recording & Timers Support OpenATV 5.3 Recorded HD Playback Issues

Discussion in 'Recording & Timers Support' started by Theniallerfella, Jan 1, 2017.

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  1. Theniallerfella

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    Anyone having issues of hd playbacks stop starting every 10 seconds or so? Only on hd channels that i recorded and trying to play back.
  2. DirtyDonki

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    If encrypted channel then could be down to timeout waiting for the next key. If FTA HD or both then think about doing a HDD check (fscheck) to see if there are some errors on the hdd that need fixing. On ATV I seem to recall there is an option available to do this via the blue button. Basically you need to find the 'Device Manager' and do a File System Check. Else do an FScheck via Telnet.
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