VU+ Uno4K Backup Images openatv-6.3 ( public stable ) - vuuno4 BKP by @mika


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openatv-6.3 ( public stable ) - vuuno4 BKP by @mika

ciefpsettings E2-75E-34W-09.08.2019
SoftCam Keys By @InformedT«_08-08-2019

cccam 2.3.8

P-Vu Ok..
P-Vu Subtitle OK

login: root
pasword: dreambox

za rad u openmultiboot!
rar datoteku raspakirati!
koristiti datoteku za openmultiboot.

to work in openmultiboot!
rar file unpack!
use the file for openmultiboot

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg



Thanx for very nice backup.
I now testing 2nd day.
But I not have picons,Im copy picon folder placed in / usr/ share/enigma2/picon.
And KODI freezing. I instaled from feed.


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for picone it is best to have an external usb. you can put a picon folder and lots of other features on that usb.


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format the usb stick to FAT32 (via computer or laptop).
transfer all picon to that formatted usb (create picon folder).
then you can freely plug that pcb usb into your receiver.
you may not see the picons immediately, so restart the receiver.
after that the picons are visible.


Thnx for help . With picon.
But nothing happend.
I copied picons in my other Boxes E2, different image, most often I work with OpenAtv, VTi, OpenPli. There was everything in order. I use the same picons (from 2018 year)
I'll try to download another one or more from this forum.
And then copy them into the box and try them.
Do you have any type of picons? Do you have a link?
I prefered with black backgroud. or with glass
I use from 0.8W -13E-19.2-23.5-28E.
Well thank you. Good Your work.
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