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Image Tutorial OpenATV - How to install images in multiboot

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Sep 9, 2014
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OpenATV - How to install images in multiboot

If you already have in our image multiboot installed, we can also install other image on an external data medium, eg. Pendrive or HDD, this is what is created add-on multiboot
We need the image will be suitable for our model vuplus packed in ZIP, image looking for the network,
example for the correct name: OpenPLi-4.0-beta-vuultimo-20140905_usb.zip important not to unpack this image leave it named zip

If you already have on your computer ready image zip it now must be sent by the FTP protocol to our receiver vu, you can do such. Program FileZilla or another directory MultiBootUpload
Product MultiBootUpload depending on the installation location multiboot can be at / media / usb or / media / hdd
OK, after sending the file to the directory image.zip MultiBootUpload with the remote control, select from the menu MultiBoot Plugin
further press the green button on the remote control, or Installation
window will open to us a new installation image in multiboot
and the first option is:
Select image
the remote control cursor left or right to choose our image to install on a data carrier :)

below are our options:
Change the name
Note !!! image in its name can not be too long, or using the cursor must give it another shorter name, or change the name of the ftp program levels
Example: OpenPLi-4.0-beta-vuultimo-20140905_usb.zip change on OpenPLi.zip tip in the name of the zip must be

the next option:
Copy the settings to a new image?
Here if you choose so it will be copied to the installed image in multiboocie list kana?łw and network settings, etc ...
IMPORTANT !!! personally advise against using the copy option because I do not always newly installed image fits with our settings and therefore best left to Off
little explanation: you need to understand that, for example, if we have the memory of the receiver image pli to multiboot install a vti and choose copy to Yes after installing and rebooting image vti we do not start, or get a portion restart enigma that is green screen and it is because pli and vti are the other image (OpenPLi is not done on the official from the manufacturer)
we can give the copy if you install the image, eg. derived from OpenPLi such as vix or atv etc ...

OK, since we have already set it all go to the installation process :) press on the remote control button and the movement starts with the installation of the new image in multiboocie
picture on the TV will be frozen for a few minutes, here a big impact on the speed unpack-install image is our data carrier, if you have a slow pen this process will take a lot longer, but if you have a good, fast pendrive it should take 3 to 5 minutes
I describe it as when the installation multiboot doing so najpier unpack our image of ZIPA, later unpack the file to a directory root_cfe_auto.jffs2 ubi, further moves the entire image to the directory at the end of MultiBootI and completely restart the receiver running the installed image :)
if properly run, the installation process can pry the ftp, in media / usb should be a new directory in the ubi image, if after 5mn this does not mean that it is a mistake
in case you do not want us to run the install image must be restarted manually or by holding the receiver without interruption Power button (it's for lazy people like me: D) and the board start multiboot select a different image
for example, image blackhole and new opensp secured before running it on another multiboocie than meoboot of bh flaszu, in this case, if someone insists to have and bh multiboocie you must replace the same kernel memory Flasza, or to load into memory vu + same kernel of blackole, we do it the same way as changing image, except that in the final catalog is to be only one file kernel_cfe_auto Important !!! to do so after installation bh or spa. To restore the kernel image Flasza, we can re-upload the same kernel_cfe_auto and boot_cfe_auto.jffs2

Credit to ZYGA

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