Custom / Unofficial Build OpenDonki 4.4 (Basic builds for testing)

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Good evening guys once again i need the help from any member here who can spare a little time testing these.

For those who don't know this image is a custom built OBH image this time built using the new OEA 4.4 core.

These are basic builds mainly to test basic functions & feeds are working, nothing has been added to the basic OBH image at this point.

Custom feeds are provided & this is where i need help because there were issues building these.

If you can spare a short time to test the first thing to do is enable ftp/tenet & set a password.
Menu >Setup >Network >Password
Enter your chosen password then press green to save.

Next connect & enter the following in telnet.
opkg update

The output should look like this but if you do see errors please reply here so we can get these fixed before moving on.

The next step is to shape the look and functions of this image based on the feedback received.
What would you like this build to have?

For 1st generation vu+ owners there is no test available right now but when the final builds are done there will be lite versions available.

Keep safe guys.



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No Chromium, HbbTV or Kodi to install but I guess that is because they are not in your feeds yet.

Telnet within DCC does not work :lol:
No terminal option on web i/f.

Tuners work:


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Thank you for this Image. On Solo2, for mgcamd to work, I put file in /usr/lib together with a smylink to Latest Oscam-emu and Ncam also work fine.



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I also compiled to Vusolo4k, but the image does not boot, it stops on the spiner


I am the Nice One
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DCC working now password assigned. :lol:
WLAN working well.
LCD4Linux OK
Encryption also working.
Skin change works.
Bootlogo is a masterpiece. :snicker:
Was now able to add DVD Player, Kodi, HbbTV, Chromium & Kodi via Speedup

Still hate the way BH images restart GUI after installing a plugin from their feeds.


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Also fine here on the ultimo4k, again nice work. :bravo:
But can't used so long my Ci+ is not working in here, so i'm back to the original OBH 4.3.

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