Other Sat Receivers OpenPLi 6.0 Homebuild for ZGEMMA-STAR-2S

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    OpenPLi 6.0 Homebuild for ZGEMMA-STAR-2S


    My kids are currently using one of these boxes so decided to build this image.
    Sharing here for any other member who owns the same & would like to try.

    Items included with this build.
    EPG Import
    AutoBouquets E2
    Audio narrator is disabled
    IPTV Player with hosts configured as per @danny187 guide HERE
    EPG Search
    EPG Refresh
    Service App
    Merlin Music Player
    Weather Plugin
    Mount Manager

    Button Changes
    Green = Plugin Menu
    <> = HistoryZapSelector
    EPG = Graphical MultiEPG


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