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OpenSPA Image Discussion OpenSpa 7.2.007

Discussion in 'OpenSPA Team VU+ Images' started by Vmax, Apr 15, 2018.

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    Feb 4, 2015
    CHANGELOG 7.2.007

    What is new
    - [vuplus] Drivers updates (all models).
    - [Gigablue] Drivers updated (all models).
    - [Zgemma] Drivers updated (all models).
    - [Octagon] Drivers updated (sf4008, sf128,sf138, sf3038).
    - [Edision] Drivers updated (osnino, osnino+)
    - [Dinobot4K] Drivers updated
    - New OpenSPA support for new Zgemma H9S and H9T
    - New OpenSPA support for Edision Os Nino+.
    - Added Online TV module at Extra Panel to watch free spanish IPTV channels.
    - Removed Oscam Updater module fromExtra Panel because official oscam website went down.
    - Added command to stop camd with telegram bot.
    - Device Manager improvements for more compatibility with devices with defective table GPT or devices that don't return format type.
    - vQuadMenu improvements to get all enigma2 menu options.
    - Fixed bug with epg download when you set a restart and later standby after a download (sometimes box was blocked).
    - Changed dvb-usb autoinstall script to prevent issues with drivers loading on some boxes when devices was connected at box starting.
    - Fixed fast unmount screen, some models were not in the list.

    To report bugs : http://openspa.info/forums/reportes-de-fallos-en-openspa.265/

    User : root
    Pass : openspa


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