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Discussion in 'OpenSPA Team VU+ Images' started by Vmax, Jun 14, 2018 at 8:27 PM.

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    CHANGELOG 7.2.009

    What is new
    - [Zgemma] New drivers H4.
    - New OpenSPA support for Qviart Lunix and Qviart Lunix3 4k.
    - Add new infobar (Infobar 10) and new font (Roboto) at Customize MetrixJR plugin (infobar10).
    - Update Drivers Media-build and automatic detection of USB-DVB devices.
    - Fix bug at Music module of MediaCenter.
    - Fix working with multiple tuners and servers in satipclient.
    - New bootlogo, thanks to our users.
    - New spinner.

    To report bugs :

    User : root
    Pass : openspa

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