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Other Sat Receivers OpenSPA 7.2 for DM900/920 SIM 2.30


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Sep 10, 2014
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IMPORTANT: To get the image to display on TV a GUI restart has to be done every time one does a start or full reboot. To do this one can either use the Web I/F or:
1. Wait until boot has completed when LCD appears
2. Press & hold power button and count 1, 2, 3, 4.
3. Press up 2 times then press OK.

I have managed to progress this version based on a base image posted by ghani :thanx: on another site.

This image was developed on a DM900 SIM 2.30 on USB stick using BA but should also work on a 920 & Japhar SIM as well. Not tested in flash. So please test at own risk.

What is working
  • Spa Menu
  • All installed plugins (see screens)
  • NAS connectivity via CIFS now working via FSTAB ONLY!
  • Software Manager fixed
  • Kodi now also fully operational.

What is NOT working
  • Extensions selection (blue button) remapped to Yahoo Weather
  • Network Browser will only Mount External NFS Network Mounts
  • Limited use of feeds to grab extra plugins but at your own risk
  • Cannot do an image update. Kills image
  • LCD4linux works but color definition is not correct even though set to 32bit
Advisory: Do NOT do software update and install extra plugins with caution.
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