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Feb 4, 2015
OpenSPA 7.3.007

What is new
- New drivers Amiko A5 combo
  • update tuner drivers
  • add real multituner support
  • fix issue german dvb-t2 h265
- New drivers Octagon SF8008
  • Channel Scan (Manually, Auto, Blindscan) issue improved after add T2-MI driver
  • fix blindscan USALS positioner
  • fix rcu code issue
  • fix blindscan issue
  • add zapmode
  • adjust ac3 volume
  • improve blindscan
  • fix hdd umount and Partition issue
  • Added Low and High SR (Symbolrate) Support: SR min. 100 - Max. 80000
    --> (NULL device *): DVB: adapter 0 frontend 0 symbol rate range (100000..80000000)
  • AC3 Volume control fixed.
  • OSD Calibration issue fixed.
- New drivers Qviart Lunix4k
  • add opengl support (kodi available)
- New drivers Zgemma H9 e i55+
  • improve CPU use by playback
  • improve memory use by playback
  • improve servicehisilicon
  • improve exteplayer3 support
  • hevc with high bandwidth improved
  • mjpeg support (webcam/securitycam)
  • several new codec support
  • showiframe improved
  • add clipping function
  • vtuner improve
- New drivers Edision Os Mio 4k
  • Improved diseqc tone burst command
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • switch to linux 5.0
  • Fixed DVB-S reception problem when switching from media playback and/or DVB-T
  • Fixed some UHD playback problem (e.g. Sony_4k_HDR_Camp.mp4)
  • Fixed the problem of short audio noise when changing channels
  • fix playback some 2160k mediafiles
  • update drivers dvb-t/c update snr
  • Qviart Lunix 4k : Fix boot splash
  • Improve news notifications in Extra Panel.
  • Now, during epg download, parental control is automatically disabled to prevent download stop if any channel is blocked.
  • Added option in epg download to epg full cleaning before new download.
  • New Bootlogo, thanks to EL_LARA.

To report bugs :http://openspa.info/forums/reportes-de-fallos-en-openspa.265/

User : root
Pass : openspa

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