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OpenSPA 7.4.010

What is new

- New drivers :
  • Gigablue Trio 4k :
    • update hiplayer for 18.8
  • Octagon SF8008 :
    • update hiplayer for 18.8
  • uClan Ustym 4K pro :
    • update hiplayer for 18.8
  • Mut@nt HD60:
    • Fix CA.
  • Izibox Eco Twin HD, Dinobot 4K+ yDinobot 4K :
    • Add dual decryption function.
  • Edision OS Mio 4k y OS Mio 4k+ :
    • enable kodi h/w decoding : Kodi built-in video player can play AVC, VP9, HEVC up to 4k24p with h/w decoding on osmio4k and osmio4kplus.
      Not enough performance for 4k60p and higher contents.
      Minor issues such as lip-sync also remain. So, e2player is recommended to be a default player for a while.
    • switch to linux 5.8 (including OS Mini 4k+)
  • Edision OS Nino, OS Nino pro y OS Nino plus:
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- New skin OpenStarHD, developed by villak.
- Improve optelebot and adapted spaNotifications.
- Changes in mytube plugin, now your own youtube API is needed to work.
- Add plugin Netflix for Gigablue Trio 4K.
- New secondinfobar to configure fo rBlackSPA, now each infobar has its associated secondinfobar.
- New online management for BlackModern infobar, designed by elduque. See update tutorial (only spanish).
- Improve InfoMeteo (spzWeather), now including 3 providers, Aemet (only spanish cities), Foreca (from y MSN (old openweather by villak). Now, the 3 providers come with Madrid as default city. Aemet and MSN working perfect, Foreca doesn't show weather info for some cities. See use tutorial.
- New plugin for poster and banner management, thanks to digiteng.
- Add kodi shortcut in OpenSPA menu for Hitube 4K and uClan Ustym 4K pro.
- Adap scheduled searching and series recording to use with optelebot.
- Add internet cut notifications for spanotifications.
- Update rclone to versión 1.53.1.
- New Bootlogo, thanks to EL_LARA.

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User : root
Pass : openspa

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I am the Nice One
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Hello I have a problem infobar dou4k not showing up
Which skin are you using?

I saw this happen to me after an update using Black Spa.

So I suggest you try what I did that worked for me:
  1. Switch skin to default
  2. Uninstall offending skin (in my case it was Black Spa)
  3. Restart GUI
  4. Reinstall skin again
  5. Restart GUI
  6. See if it now works
  7. If still not working suggest using a different skin.


I am the Nice One
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I switched to the default skin & noticed there is no event info' on mine via the info bar but on other skins it is ok. So suggest this is a problem with the default skin which is best reported directly to the SPA Team on their site but TBH I prefer & use the Black Spa Skin anyway & that is working perfectly for me on this release.

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