Custom / Unofficial Build OpenTr 7.0 Test Images


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OpenTr 7.0 is based & built on the OpenPLi develop branch
Build Date: 15/02/19
Green = Plugin Browser
Vuplusteamlite Skin
Levi45 multicam emukeys updater
Levi45 addons panel
Log in root no password set

Big thanks goes to @Ten Below Thank you for everything mate .
Thank you @mamba65 for boot logo , skins and testing.
Thank you @FurkanB for default picon png and testing.
1st gen boxes now added, I am not sure if there is enough memory on them . If any of you have 1st gen boxes please try and give feed back thanks.
Please not that we are not responsible for any issue may you have by this image , please use with your own risk.
26139 26122 26123 26124 26125 26126 26127 26128 26129 26130 26131 26132 26133 26134 26135 26136 26137 26138

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