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    Plugin/Skin Mover Guide

    * menu: plugins: PluginSkinMover:


    * Preferably using an attached HDD, Or a Fast USB Stick.

    * Rollover the module you want to move: PRESS GREEN BUTTON OR OK BUTTON:


    * Now exported:


    Press green button or OK again to move back.

    To check free memory telnet:
    [ Only registered users can see the bbcode. Click Here To Register... ]

    Free flash memory of box is in top line, middle, under: Available
    TSpanel: Information: Free Space (top line, middle, under: Available )

    In settings (yellow button) rollover the device (Hard disk, USB stickwhatever) but do not go in, save that path (green button) and it works. I will do a few screenshots for TSmedia HowTo thread & will post a link here later.

    your plugins are moved to a new folder called:
    and your skins to a new folder created called:
    on the device path you specified.

    Click on yellow button: Settings


    Rollover to the device you want to use ( preferably root of) but don't go in:


    Press green button to Save

    Click blue button to go to SkinMover mode:


    Pressing Green button or OK moves the plugin or skin to HDD/USB or moves it back to box's flash memory.

    All Credit To The Original Author washere

    Plugin is here for download:
    Plugin/Skin Mover
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