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Power Of Dream Image online update


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Feb 4, 2015
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Update of 17/02/2015

CAUTION: big system update (not too much impact on the users, but many system files are modified). Two solutions:

- Light decoder memory or disk space: prefer a reinstallation. Think save your settings with the autobackup plugin DLC
- New and well sized decoration: it will probably make several updated online to have it all, but if possible prefer a reflash


The picons are an important part of the GUI. Historically, they used a very complex system name that reflected the reference service. This system was causing numerous picon duplicates (and therefore the lost memory) and each réorgnaisation bouquets by the operator, the picons not pointing in the right channel or was longer.

Thanks to the work and Huevos pr2, taken by OpenPLi (technical detail:
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) This is the past. You can use (in addition to old picons by reference) of picon simply named after the name of the chain, which saves you from the memory and makes you less dependent on the operator. In addition, if you are missing one or the other picon, you can more easily add them yourself. You can indentifer our 3 packs picons (clear, black and white) in the DLC thanks to the name including 'sbxnamed'

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