VU+ Receiver General Setup Questions Replacement for Sky+HD?


I'm new to most of this, so after a bit of clarification.
As title suggests, would like to know if a VU+ box will do the job. Don’t mind a bit of setting up at the start, but afterwards would like it to behave in a similar manner.

Highlights need to be :
1. Accept 2 feeds from a Sky dish with a standard quad LNB?

2. Pick up all UK Freesat channels including other UK regions (Scotland etc)

3. Have a 7 day EPG?

4. Series link recordings if possible?

5. Record at least 2 channels and able to watch a 3rd recording at the same time?

6. Be able to watch output on a TV in a separate room and control the box as well?
(Currently do this on a non smart TV via an RF cable with a Sky link device)

If so which box is best for this? (Been looking at VU+ Duo2)

Hopefully this is a fairly simple arrangement.
I’ve been reading a lot on this forum and frankly most of it goes over my head - at a considerable height.



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The duo2 is a fantastic box and will do all you ask and more. You can get an app for smartphone and control box from anywhere in house. When you look on ebay you will see they come with a DVB C tuner ie cable but that can be switched to digital terresetial and pick up freeview. The first one I saw has a TB HDD. To view in another room you can buy a scart to rf converter. Look at first one on ebay and click on photos, that's the one you need. Other ones will have dual tuners or single tuners, ie in the tuner slots you can fit a dual sat tuner in each so can have 4 feeds from dish. Duo2 is/was one of the best boxes ever. I have 2 of them.

Setting the box up involves a few steps.

1. flash image, use vix

2. configure tuners, scan astra

3. set up epg

4. run autobouquets.

Vix comes with what you need already installed.

The duo2 is old tech now and people have moved on to 4k and iptv but the duo2 is tops.

You have to read a bit.


Thanks for coming back and your PM
All looks interesting.
Thinking just of the hardware, with 2 cables from the LNB, how many channels can be recorded at the same time?
(There are 2 "LNB In" locations on the back of the box)
Don't want to have to add more cables from dish to box if I can help it.

BTW don't know where to look for the skins you mentioned on the link you gave and the Linuxshat link doesn't work - fault their end maybe.


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Just 2 cables is all you need. You can defenitely record 2 channels at same time and watch a recorded one. And if channels are on same transponder you can record them as well or watch.

do a google for linux sat
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Ich würde kein Duo2 mehr kaufen, weil es einfach zu alt ist. und ja, es ist eine großartige Box, ich hatte sie selbst, aber bitte geben Sie kein Geld mehr für diese alte Hardware aus.


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Die Operation will eine ordentliche Lösung und das Duo2 ist billig und wird dauern. Verwirre ihn nicht.


A VU+ box is a great replacement, if only two lnb feeds to the box you will only be able to record or watch two frequencies at one time, this is usually enough for most on one satellite, if you wanted to upgrade your lnb they sell unicable lnbs, one output to the FBC tuner of a modern VU+ box, and you can tune and record 4 transponders at once.
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