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Jul 3, 2015
Release Total Commander 9.10 beta 1 (first public beta) (32/64)

Fixed: Shift+F4 didn't work in empty directories on FTP servers/in file system plugins (32/64)
Fixed: Icon in 1-2-3-nag dialog used wrong (16x16) icon (64)
Fixed: Error message when launching programs not very detailed - show windows message (using FormatMessage) in addition to TC message (32/64)
Fixed: Right click context menu: Entries in "New" submenu were not translated on Windows Vista or newer (32/64)
Fixed: Dialog box "Commands" - "System information": Font too small on high DPI screens (64)
Fixed: Get folder sizes via 'Everything' didn't work if Total Commander was started with higher user rights (as administrator) and 'Everything' with normal rights (32/64)
Fixed: TC was no longer passing 8.3 names to content plugins not supporting Unicode (32/64)
Fixed: Automatic key download (paste mail with Ctrl+V) was always via HTTP, not via HTTPS (32/64)
Added: New optional translation string 5062="Change single button" for title bar of single button change dialog (32/64)
Fixed: Files - Change attributes, click on **** date/time picker: Error beep was played when closing dialog with ESC (64)
Fixed: Button bar, change single button: using just "explorer" as icon file didn't work (missing .exe extension) (32/64)
Fixed: Support environment variables like %commander_path% also in path= entry in
sections of wincmd.ini, but only if the name doesn't start with a plugin, ftp server, or UNC path (32/64)
Fixed: Show symbolic links to folders as a folder icon (with link overlay if overlays are enabled) instead of just a link icon, also when Explorer icons are disabled (32/64)
Fixed: Xnview was no longer working to load thumbnails or lister images (due to added Unicode support for Irfanview) (32/64)
Fixed: FTP/file system plugins/archives: Shift+F4 not working when using F4menu or OpenFileTC with a multiple-document editor already running in the background (32/64)
Fixed: Thumbnails view: Thumbnail lines could be shown as high as in full or brief view when the thumbnail+text surpassed 255 pixels (64)
Fixed: New placeholder picker button in F7 and Shift+F4 dialogs too narrow (32/64)
Fixed: Tree could be added as empty line to directory history, e.g. (Ctrl+F8, Alt+Cursor right, Alt+F1 - C) (32/64)
Fixed: Date picker control (e.g. in "Files" - "Change attributes" - "****" button) was too narrow (64)
Fixed: Installer would fail on some XP installations (reason: problem with loading comctl32.dll dynamically from system32 -> uses static linking) (32/64)​



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Jul 3, 2015
27.06.18 Release Total Commander 9.20 release candidate 3 (32/64)

27.06.18 Release Total Commander 9.20 release candidate 3 (32/64)
27.06.18 Fixed: Skip internal associations in virtual folders where we can't get a local path for the file, e.g. a phone connected via MTP (32/64)
26.06.18 Fixed: DrivesShowUpcase=0 was ignored in %t parameter, always used uppercase drive letter (32/64)
25.06.18 Fixed: Prevent crash when reloading list of shared folders (e.g. to show shared overlay) (32/64)
24.06.18 Fixed: Lister crash on Windows 8.1 64-bit only, happened after opening Lister multiple times (solution: keep hidden Lister open in the background) (64)
22.06.18 Fixed: Moving separator between main panels wrong when showing two separate tree panels (32/64)
20.06.18 Fixed: Directory handle leaking in watchdir thread, preventing the ejection of USB sticks, and sometimes the closing of the program (32/64)

20.06.18 Release Total Commander 9.20 release candidate 2 (32/64)
20.06.18 Fixed: Client certificates: For the chosen certificate, store the SHA1 digest in addition to the serial number, because the latter isn't unique (32/64)
20.06.18 Fixed: Prevent thread watching for directory changes (Configuration-Options-Refresh-Auto-refresh when the file system changes) from hanging the main thread (32/64)
20.06.18 Fixed: Prevent blinking when opening main configuration dialog (caused by LockWindowUpdate) (32)
20.06.18 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Misc, hotkey dropdown combobox: Handling of ENTER, ESC and TAB keys was different in 32-bit and 64-bit (32/64)
19.06.18 Fixed: WM_DEVICECHANGE: Also react to DBT_DEVNODES_CHANGED notification to get correct drive icons (32/64)
19.06.18 Fixed: Ctrl+Q didn't work in virtual folders for files in the file system where the parent folder wasn't a file system directory, e.g. in libraries (32/64)
19.06.18 Fixed: Lister: Set new optimized default position and size on Windows XP or newer: Right aligned, width enough to show at least 84 characters (32/64)
19.06.18 Fixed: Windows 10 developer preview, build 17686: Open the windows for Lister, Verify Checksums, and Compare by Content in separate windows, not on extra tabs (32/64)
18.06.18 Fixed: Button bar, start menu: %t now also inserts the URL of the directory for FTP connections, just like %p (32/64)
18.06.18 Fixed: Lister: Switching between view options 4 and 5 could switch focus to main TC when using Alt+Letters for quick search (64)
18.06.18 Fixed: Inplace rename (Shift+F6): Moving to the previous/next file with cursor up/down could leave parts of the apply button on the previous line, e.g. on Windows XP (32)
18.06.18 Fixed: Removed error beep when user right clicked on drive button while context menu for folder tab or sorting header was already open (32/64)
17.06.18 Fixed: Do not re-load file lists showing custom columns when moving window between screens with different DPI. Instead, only adjust the column widths (32/64)
17.06.18 Fixed: New per monitor window sizes not used when using option ResolutionSpecific=0 in wincmd.ini (32/64)
17.06.18 Fixed: When using IgnoreDirErrors=1, switching to non-existent parent directory didn't work by double clicking on [..] entry (32/64)
15.06.18 Fixed: Change attributes: Date conversion only supported lowercase am/pm (32/64)
15.06.18 Fixed: Search function, find files in archive: "Search path not found" was shown by mistake (32/64)
15.06.18 Fixed: Button bar, start menu: Parameters %T and %t contained 0: prefix when the target directory was an FTP connection (32/64)
15.06.18 Fixed: Button bar, start menu: Parameters %M and %m contained full path when the target directory was an FTP connection (32/64)
15.06.18 Fixed: Change attributes: Prevent beep when using hotkey for "Load from file under cursor" groupbox (32)
15.06.18 Fixed: Lister, RTF view: Prevent crash when trying to print when the chosen printer is invalid (32/64)
15.06.18 Fixed: Load old searches from wincmd.ini: Not all searches were loaded from ANSI ini file if the total size of the names was >4095 characters (32/64)



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Apr 1, 2016
16.10.19 Release Total Commander 9.50 beta 1

Fixed: System information: Some text was cut on high DPI screens (32/64)
Fixed: System information: Windows 10 Professional was reported as Enterprise due to bad values in 32-bit part of the registry (32)
Fixed: Line breaks in comments were lost when renaming a file with DOS-encoded descript.ion which was converted to UTF-16 (32/64)
Fixed: Lister, define which view method and plugin should be used when opened: Option 4i (internal image viewer) wasn't working (32/64)
Fixed: In place rename (Shift+F6): Update quick view contents (Ctrl+q) also when just switching between files with up/down arrow without renaming anything (32/64)
Fixed: Lister Crash trying to view *.eml file with new mode 8 (64)
Fixed: FTP connect: When adding the FTP panel, the current file item could be scrolled out of the visual part of the file list (32/64)
Fixed: Lister: Printing of images: Always limit size to paper size even when display isn't set to "Fit image to window". Smaller images will not be scaled up, though (32/64)
Fixed: Lister: Printing of images other than BMP (e.g. JPG, GIF, PNG) didn't work (32/64)
Fixed: Compare by content: Scroll horizontally when selecting with the mouse and moving the mouse cursor to the left/right of the compare window (32/64)
Fixed: Port connection server started via switch /S=Portnr could be closed, but the program continued running in the background (64)
Fixed: Verify checksums: couldn't load files with very long path names if they used slashes instead of backslashes in the checksum file (32/64)
Added: Codepage menu for archives: Added OEM/DOS encoding option for each Windows encoding where applicable (32/64)
Fixed: Right click context menu, "New" submenu: skip entries with empty name (32/64)
Fixed: Right click context menu, "New" submenu: use "FriendlyTypeName" even if it only provides plain text (it doesn't start with @ linking to dll) (32/64)
Fixed: UTF-8 file comments not always correct on systems with dual byte characters (e.g. Chinese) (32/64)
Fixed: Unpack faulty ZIP files created by sync.com "Download all" function (32/64)
Fixed: Comments for network shares (shown in root of server) didn't support Unicode (32/64)
Added: Start working on dark mode support for Windows 10 1809 and later (32/64)
Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] HistoryLenStored= set maximum number of entries in history to be stored to wincmd.ini [LeftHistory] and [RightHistory]. Default=200 on NT based systems, same as HistoryLen on 9x/ME due to limited max ini size (32/64)
Added: Custom codepage in Lister, FTP connection settings or archive: list all installed codepages in dropdown combobox (32/64)
Added: Quick search/Quick filter dialog: Clear search with Ctrl+Y (like in the command line) (32/64)
Added: Search with 'Everything': Show percent of the search results transferred to Total Commander and added to the result list (Everything reports the total number of found files) (32/64)
Added: Search with 'Everything': Show command sent to 'Everything' in search status bar. Repeated calls are shown with the file numbers requested, e.g. 10000- (32/64)
Added: Right click on directory tab -> "Recently closed tabs": Hold down Shift to open restored tab in background (do not activate it) (32/64)
Fixed: OneDrive: On Windows 10 1803 or newer, do not load thumbnails for files which are available online only, to not force their download (32/64)
Fixed: OneDrive: Folders appearing as file system links (fake reparse points) were not included in many functions, e.g. packing, synchronizing (32/64)
Added: Search via 'Everything': Show percentage done verifying the returned search results (32/64)
Added: Search via 'Everything': Request results in chunks of 10000 files so it can be aborted when accidentally finding too many files (32/64)
Fixed: Internal content plugin: Do not load version info fields if the file is a OneDrive online only file (not available offline), attribute contains 0x400000 (32/64)
Added: Increased directory history length to 200, otherwise not many entries may remain when doing history thinning. The actual number of items shown is set by HistoryLen in wincmd.ini (32/64)
Added: Find files: Automatically check 'Everything' option when using prefix ev: or ed: in search field (32/64)
Fixed: Compare by content: when comparing 2 files, and a file loaded in memory was deleted, saving the file failed because no .bak file could be created (32/64)
Added: Compare by content: wincmd.ini [Configuration] MaxCompareSizeInMem=1048576 size limit for files which are loaded completely in memory for comparison. Larger files are mapped into memory (file mapping) (32/64)
Added: Directory history thinning: wincmd.ini [Configuration] HistoryThinning=1, HistoryThinningDelta=0 enables thinning only when user starts some operation in the directory, not by timeout (32/64)
Added: Directory history thinning: wincmd.ini [Configuration] HistoryThinning=1/0 turns thinning on and off without changing the value of the timeout (32/64)
Added: Directory history: When going to previous entry via Alt+Left arrow, and then manually changing to a different directory, append that directory to the END of the history (32/64)
Added: Directory history thinning: Alt+Shift+Down arrow or new command cm_DirectoryHistoryNoThinning shows history list without thinning (32/64)
Added: Directory history thinning: Keep normal history (Alt+Left/Right arrow) unchanged, only apply to history menu (Alt+Down arrow) (32/64)
Added: Drive dropdown list, drive buttonbar: Show "eject" overlay over drive icon from Explorer for external USB harddisks. Enable/Disable via wincmd.ini [Configuration] CheckUsbHdd=1/0 (32/64)
Added: Windows XP and newer: Call SetThreadStackGuarantee to have a minimum of 16kBytes stack left when getting into an infinite loop, so the exception handler can handle it (32/64)
Added: New configuration option shown in Configuration - Options - Operation: Extra lines below cursor. Sets both ScrollingTopMargin and ScrollingBottomMargin (32/64)
Added: Directory history thinning: New configuration option shown in Configuration - Options - Operation (32/64)
Added: Directory history thinning: wincmd.ini [Configuration] HistoryThinningDelta=5000 defaults to 5 seconds the user must stay in a directory to keep it in the history (32/64)
Added: Directory history thinning: Only add directory to history if the user stayed there for x seconds, or performed any file operation in that location (32/64)
Added: Right click on directory tab -> show submenu "Recently closed tabs" to restore closed tabs. Not remembered when program is closed (32/64)
Fixed: Drag from TC running with normal user rights to program with elevated (administrator) rights via taskbar icon or Alt+Tab -> drag was cancelled (GetAsyncKeyState(VK_LBUTTON) returned "not pressed") (32/64)
Fixed: Drag currently not selected folder from tree -> that folder received the "open" indicator, although the previous folder was still open in the file panel (32/64)
Fixed: Do not clear icons when changing file list colors, because icons in file system plugins were lost (32/64)
Added: Menu item "Paste shortcut" below "Paste" in right click context menu on Windows versions where this menu item is missing (32/64)
Fixed: Drag&Drop from other program: allow to drop files to read-only folder requiring elevation, e.g. c:\Program Files (32/64)
Fixed: Drag&Drop from other program: data type HGLOBAL wasn't always accepted (64)
Fixed: Windows 10, 2 monitors with different DPI: Right mouse button drag from Explorer to TC showed inaccessible drop menu -> call SetThreadDpiAwarenessContext (32/64)
Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] InheritCaseSensitiveDir=1: If a folder has "case sensitive names" option set, inherit it when creating new folder inside. 0=off, 1=on, 2=on also when needing admin rights (tcmadmin) (32/64)
Added: New internal function [=tc.case sensitive in folder] to check whether a folder is set to case sensitive mode for the files inside. Returns false for files, they cannot contain other files (32/64)
Added: New internal function [=tc.case sensitive name] to check whether a file/folder name is case sensitive or not. Per folder case sensitivity requires Windows 10 1803 or newer (32/64)
Added: New internal function [=tc.path length] to get the current path length (folder+file name). Uses Unicode on NT-based systems, ANSI otherwise (32/64)
Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Improvements when comparing two case sensitive folders (Windows 10 1803 or newer): now supports 2 or more files where the name only differs in case, but not folders (32/64)
Fixed: Installer: Add fields InstallLocation and EstimatedSize to the registry (32/64)
Fixed: Search result, feed to listbox, Show - Comments, Show - Full -> names were still truncated (32/64)
Fixed: Numbers with thousands separators: support sizes > 1000TByte (32/64)
Fixed: File associations: Also look for icon in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.ext\DefaultIcon if all other locations are missing (32/64)
Fixed: Lister: In some cases, "Cannot focus inactive control" error was shown in Ctrl+Q when pressing '4' (32/64)
Fixed: FTP: Auto detect MLSD/MLST support also when the server sends 211-MLST in reply to "FEAT" command (32/64)
Added: Find files, text search, Office XML, plus Lister, view HTML: When removing XML tags from Office XML, add line breaks for </w> and </text> paragraph end tags (32/64)
Added: Find files, text search, Office XML: When removing XML tags, replace entities like "&lt;" -> "<" (32/64)
Added: Find files, text search, Office XML: Search the xml files both unmodified and with all XML tags removed, e.g. to find text with some characters set to attributes like bold (32/64)
Fixed: Preserve attribute "not content indexed" (Can be set via Properties - Advanced) when renaming files (32/64)
Added: Multi-rename tool: New placeholders [c3]: The last value of the counter defined in the Define counter field (32/64)
Added: Multi-rename tool: New placeholders [c2]: Like [c] but with the number of digits defined in the Define counter field (32/64)
Added: Multi-rename tool: New placeholders [c1] or [c]: Number of files/folders in the file list, e.g. "File [C] of [c]" -> "File 1 of 101" etc. (32/64)
Fixed: Find files: Search for UTF-8 may not find a file when looking for the string by which the file ends, e.g. </html>, and there is no line break after it (32/64)
Added: 256x256pixel icon (only to 64-bit version, 32-bit fails to compile - new icon must be replaced manually, e.g. with resource hacker) (64)


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