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Discussion in 'General Tutorials' started by Ten Below, Sep 16, 2014.

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    Tutorial - Grab A Screenshot Using Telnet

    Most users will hardly ever need to use the screenshot function of the E2 web interface, but as someone who does almost daily i have found occasionally it does not want to play. So here is a workaround giving better results using telnet should you ever need it.

    To take a screenshot using telnet we use the grab command, here are the options
    Usage: grab [commands] [filename]


    -o only grab osd (framebuffer) when using this with png or bmp

    fileformat you will get a 32bit pic with alphachannel

    -v only grab video

    -d always use osd resolution (good for skinshots)

    -n dont correct 16:9 aspect ratio

    -r (size) resize to a fixed width, maximum: 1920

    -l always 4:3, create letterbox if 16:9

    -b use bicubic picture resize (slow but smooth)

    -j (quality) produce jpg files instead of bmp (quality 0-100)

    -p produce png files instead of bmp

    -h this is the help screen

    If no command is given the complete picture will be grabbed.
    If no filename is given /tmp/screenshot.[bmp/jpg/png] will be used.

    Here is an example using DCC

    grab jpg with skin osd resolution (good for skinshots)

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    FTP to /tmp to retrieve your file
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