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VU+ Plugins - EPG, Autosettings & OSD Vermin UK Cable 14 day xmltv importer EPG source download


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Oct 18, 2014
This started off as a way of getting longer more accurate EPG data for UK cable, i have had several requests for UK sat as well so have done what i could with that as well.
Please note, these sources are not meant to be direct replacements for the existing UK providers, namely OpenTV for UK Sat and PVR EPG for UK Cable, (as well as others)
those IMHO are the most accurate and up to date sources for UK epg, after all they come directly from the relevant providers. You could use just those...
However you only get 7 days for UK sat and 5 days for Cable....
My sources are meant to be used in conjunction with those to give you,complete and up to 14 days epg data, but this is typically 10 to 12 days due to the data available and time taken to collect it.

I do not have data for all the channels!! I have covered 1600 channels for both platforms...
Not all channels i have done have 14 days either, most are, but some only have 7 or 8 days. That is because i could not source any data longer than that... some sections like international are not complete and i have not done any of the adult section (nor do i plan to, its all boobs and ass anyway lol),
like i said above any missing channels can get data from either the pvr channel for cable or opentv for sat,
so the idea will be to use both sources, or all of them if you have both sat and cable...

What we do not want is inaccurate data, if you find a channel that has incorrect data due to my source, then please do let me know.


user's should ftp the attached .conf file (either sly or vermin or both .conf files) to: usr-crossepg-providers
reboot box
enable openTV (sat only) and jenseneverest sat/cable and save
Download as normal.
I have tested this on openatv using both crossepg 6.2 and 8.2 without issue, feedback on other images welcomed....
Please note - only 1 xmltv source should be used for each provider, so you could use both openTV and 1 xmltv provider for UK sat (jenseneverest sat)
Only a xmltv provider is needed for cable (jenseneverest vermin) OpenTV is for sat only..... Cable users will also need to setup a zap timer to the pvr epg channel if your missing any data,.Or as a backup.... There are several threads on that already....


XMLTV Importer

I already had a post on this that covered UK cable, please see above

I have now added UK satellite, there is a new source to reflect both sat and cable (the old cable source is still working)

simply ftp the attached xml file to etc / epgimport.
Reboot your box, then
Enable and save and download as normal.
As this will give you a maximum of 14 days... change the days to reflect that.



For ease of use there is also attached ipk files,

ipk - jenseneverest source for xmltv importer - assuming you already have epgimporter plugin installed
ipk - epgimporter plugin with the jenseneverest source
ipk - crossepg 6.2 with jenseneverest source, ( only openTV and jenseneverest source working when tested)

Special thanks to:

master G
Willy aka doglover
Jan van Straaten
Rytec and The xmltv plugin team


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