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Plugin Tutorial VU +HOW- Plugin KodiDirect.v.2.0 manual


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Oct 13, 2014
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VU +HOW- Plugin KodiDirect.v.2.0 manual

Here is an explanation of how to use plugins KodiDirect
- With zdjęciami.Główny thread is here: -

Plugin KodiDirect.v.2.0

1. After installing and commissioning -
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the software
that may be required for your system, and image
(Screenshot1-green button and screenshot2).

2. Configure the plug (yellow button screenshot1
and screenshot3) .Najważniejszym setting is
cache folder.

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more add-ons - choose more (Screenshot4).

Then select the category addon (Screenshot5)

followed by the addition of (Screenshot6).

You'll see some output from the console
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. Shut down and restart KodiDirect.

If the additive is already
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and you want to install
The new version - the old allowance must first be removed.

4. Now you will see the addition of the list (Screenshot7).

After selecting a supplement for the first time - you can install
some modules scripts. In this case - after installation
Modules script - exit and restart KodiDirect.

5. After selecting the appendix - the usual lists of contents
appear. Finally, when the selected movie - number
There are options

, Are: -
a.]Play now[/URL].
b.Download to the cache folder.
c.Stop download before the end, if you wanted to.
d.Add favorites list - which is visible when the additive
is selected.
e.Add to your bouquet.
f.See list of current downloads, which can be selected for

If any errors occur while using this plugin - see how
submit a debug log to the Help (screenshot1 blue).

Enjoy the huge number of XBMC-kodi plugs, which can be
brought to you by KodiDirect!​
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