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General VU+ Receiver Discussion VU Ultimo4K - first impressions


V.I.P Member
Apr 5, 2016
Yes, I took the plunge and bought myself a VU Ultimo4K.... to replace a Solo4K.

First impressions; wow the tuners are definitely better for the Ultimo4K. From the same dish, Astra28 was at best 98%SNR and around 68% AGC. The Ultimo4K gives me 100%SNR at 82% AGC and it seems to behave better with the Inverto LNB even though both the Ultimo4K and the Solo4K are running self-compiled OpenBH from the same date

If I have one issue, this probably won't affect most people but my 'better half' is registered partially sighted and can't read the standby clock on the Ultimo4K where as it was OK on the Solo4K. Realistically, that's something that can be fixed with LCD4Linux so it just needs me to stop being lazy and do it!

Seeing Tuner P in the menu is a bit daunting but it makes you realise the capabilities of having 2 FBC tuners and still capability for another dual tuner

I am definitely pleased that I purchased one, and will definitely keep adding STBs like this into my 'toy' collection ;)