1. mcka

    Subtitle & Audio Support Picture but no Sound on BlackHole

    Hi guys! I turn on the TV the picture appears but no sound. The problem is only on one channel "Festival4k", the rest perfectly reproduce sound in AC3, Mpeg and AAC. Other PurE2, OpenPli images play sound this channel without problems. Problem only on BlackHole. How can this problem be solved...
  2. K

    VU+Solo2 Clone Sunray Images OpenATV 6.1 - Sunray Solo2, Meelo SE & VU Solo2

    OpenATV 6.1 with Kodi (for Sunray Solo2, Meelo SE & Original VU+ Solo2 only) Source Date: 19/11/17 Kernel: 3.13.5 Drivers: 07/11/17 (patched) If required, Kodi is available from plugin feeds. >> DOWNLOAD <<
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