1. karlospv

    Image Flashing Support Zero4k - boot problem - wrong CFE

    Can somebody help me my Vu+ Zero 4K? I am flash wrong CFE, Zero4k is damaged bootloader . Via RS232 does not display anything, CY7C68013A EZ-USB arrived yesterday. I don't know how to work. Im find a fix via BBS in CY7C68013A, i need flash to BCM72604. thank you for the advice
  2. A

    VU+ Clone Receiver Support VU+Solo Pro clone won't boot into start remote control doesn't work

    so I get a VU+ solo pro clone which if I'd of known what a nightmare they are I wouldn't of bothered, this is how it come I can next via ftp but from what I've read not good idea to flash via USB ?? Brickit??I've done extensive research on this all day and still I haven't found the answer it was...
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