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  1. Gabriel2020

    Plugins Support Flashexpander plug-in and his dependencies

    Good evening to everyone, i would like to know if somebody here have experience with the flashexpander extension plug-in in OpenAtv, version 6.3. I have a Vu+ UNO 4K SE. Because of eventually internal memory issue ( getting too full beca of EPG and movies download) I’ve installed a external hdd...
  2. N

    General VU+ Receiver Discussion USB Powered eSata HDD for VU+ Solo SE2

    Hi everyone! My first proper post since joining the VU+ community - just bought a Solo SE 2 (from HM sat) and wanted to add a HDD. Found a Sata->eSata+USB (for power) cable off amazon and made a high speed eSata external HDD which is powered from USB. Way faster than USB 2.0!! See my video...
  3. Z

    Recording & Timers Support VU+ Zero with external HDD

    Dear all, I'm thinking to buy an vu+ Zero and since it doesn't accept internal HDD , is it possible to use an external HDD ~ 320 G and Mount it as "media/hdd" for recording ? Regards,
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